Mel B puts ‘secret weapon’ Eddie Murphy in

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It is anything but cozy between Mel B and her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte is no secret, but in the battle for the access rights of her 10-year-old daughter Angel put the Spice Girl now that her secret weapon: the Eddie Murphy. In other words, the biological father of the girl.

Belafonte says more of a father figure to have been for Angel than Eddie and that he has a right to visit his stepdaughter. Mel is here not agree with this and claims that Murphy, despite an ‘absentee’ well start has been restored in regards to paternity. Angel and Eddie would see on a regular basis and both are pleased with each other’s presence in their lives.

Because Belafonte is not a blood relative of Mel’s daughter, he makes less chance of visitation than her real father. The Spice Girl claims that her ex has done everything to the restored contact between Eddie and Mel to sabotage. So he would be using Mel’s phone fake messages to Eddie’s assistant sent have to say that certain agreements have been made with Angel not continued.

Belafonte denies all the allegations.

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