Maid fired due to nude photos of demented elderly

15ab4040aa2a7f7fe1bb8511e0bf7d3e - Maid fired due to nude photos of demented elderly

ZOTTEGEM – A Belgian nursing home has a 29-year-old maid fired because she is heavy, has to misbehave: she got dressed at least two female elderly, and then they get them naked and photographed with her smartphone.

Both ladies were dementerend, writes The Latest News. The maid went to her book outside in a Public Centre for Social Welfare (OCMW), where the poor and the elderly to be helped.

She sent the nude photos to her colleagues, that alarm beat. “The employee in question is immediately made inactive,” says OCMW-chairman Kurt De Loor against the Flemish newspaper.

The two elderly ladies are not the only victims of the 29-year-old cleaning lady. They could also be a male aged pornofilmpjes have shown, and to him there was later humiliated.

Last week Thursday was the maid confronted with the facts, and the dismissal followed.

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