Lesley-Ann Poppe on the way to former weight

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In 2012 was Lesley-Ann Poppe in de Playboy with her perfect figure. Meanwhile, there was a lot in her life. They divorced and remarried with a younger man, Kevin. In addition, got Lesley-Ann and Kevin also have a child together. After that pregnancy went the pounds not, on the contrary even. Three months ago, at the premiere of the film “Hidden Desire” weighed Lesley-Ann Poppe is 90 kg, she told The Newspaper. Currently, the businesswoman back 20 kilograms lighter, but she will not reveal how they did it. By her irregular life was often easier to in the evening still a pita to order in place of something to cook. By the hustle and bustle in the case, there was also no space to give in to her hunger, and with two children in a house fire even though not much spare time. The easter weekend will be Lesley-Ann and Kevin to spend in Rome, but since the businesswoman no zoetebek is it up to the summer chocolates to resist. Pasta and cheese is, however, a sin of her. The goal of Lesley-Ann Poppe is 55 kg and then weigh them again as much as it used to. Another 15 kilograms to go so for her. With Easter comes the young couple, in any case, brisk walking in the beautiful Italy.

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