Killer Maëlys (9) killed military

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GRENOBLE – France, is in the ban of Nordahl Lelandais (35), the killer of the French girl Maëlys (9). He known Thursday, the murder of a military man. The French fear now the worst: is Lelandais a serial killer? And if so, what he he has even more clean?

In the French Savoie are all unsolved disappearances and murder cases re-examined. One of these things is the disappearance of the Belgian Adrien Mourialmé, a 24-year-old from Names who, last summer, was last seen at the lake of Annecy. In this more sought divers last fall without success to the small Maëlys.

The 24-year-old Belgian worked last summer in a restaurant in the neighborhood. Although he constantly had contact with his family in Names, he gave up after 5 July suddenly no sign of life any more. In his hotel room kept everything untouched and his bank card were since then no operations done more.


And there are still a few cases that the officers with more than ordinary attention again will examine.

Adrien Fiorello (22) disappeared in 2010. He studied at the university of Saint-Etienne but it would be the weekend to come home. His phone was last traced in Chambery, afterwards, is never something of him or heard from again.


Furthermore, there is the 23-year-old Jean-Christophe Morin, who in the night of 9 to 10 september 2011 without a trace, disappeared after the ’elektrofestival’ of Tamié in Savoy. A year later it vanished Ahmed Hamadou, a 45-year-old native of Chambéry, after the same festival. The French are wondering whether this is still a coincidence.

Corporal Arthur Noyer disappeared in april 2017 in the same region as where Maëlys (9), last summer, was kidnapped at a wedding party. The body of the girl has since recovered. She was abused and killed. The skull of the missing soldier was last year found in a forest near Chambery.

Serial killer

At an earlier hearing, in February, had Lelandais already admitted that he got into fights with Noyer and that he had tied up. What then happened to him, he did not know. But now he has known that he is the man has been murdered and the body dumped.

The French criminal investigation department now fears that the not with those two murders will continue and that they are here with a serial killer. There is now a special cell set up by the police for all the disappearances that may still Lelandais could be linked to re-examine.

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