Justin Bieber spotted in the church with ex and ’new flame’

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Justin Bieber is together with his ex Hailey Baldwin seen at a church service in Los Angeles. Fellow churchgoers say to E! Online that his alleged new scharrel Baskin Champion of the party was.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in 2015.

While the relationship with Hailey purely friendly, there seems to be more going on between Justin and Baskin. The two were last month several times together spotted at a concert of the British singer Craig David. Insiders reported that the hitzanger and Baskin ’more than friendly with each other. “They have a lot of fun, flirting around and laugh themselves silly. It seems to be a good combination.”

The duo was shortly after the break up of Justin and Selena Gomez together for the first time seen. Although everyone thought that Jelena this time it would save, decided to set up a break, to the dismay of their many fans worldwide. “Justin was upset when it again went wrong with Selena, but he still hopes that they come true. It was not his choice to part ways, but he respects Selena’s wishes. In the meantime he focuses on his work, the church and his friends,” says a friend of the Canadian popicoon.

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