Iggy Azalea openly about mental crisis

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Iggy Azalea shows in an interview with Billboard know that they are by its management to a psychologist, because of her mental state.

Iggy Azalea

“My management said that I with that people had to talk to ensure that I was mentally completely prepared for good music,” says the 27-year-old rapper candidly to the magazine. And though she first resisted – ’I was pissed’ – saw them later that it is her has really helped.

“I’ve never even stilgetaan and have a good conversation had with professional people,” says Azalea. “It was good to have someone the tools and information provided to get my life to be able to handle when I that terrible things can feel.”


The singer broke down in 2014, but was then repeatedly criticism about him, where they are difficult to handle. Disappointments would all pile up on her tour of 2015 was cancelled, she felt publicly humiliated after the affair of her fiance, basketball player Nick Young, was in the battle with her record label, got huge tax liabilities, and its singles flopten.

She takes the not self-blame that they are there through sat.”I was at the top of the mountain and wanted to stay there, but I slid there from. The only people who see me when bijstonden, were Quavo, Kesha, and Demi Lovato. And the rest did all like I no longer existed. I try not to wallow, but I find it really bizarre, though I understand that they, too, their position should be protected.”

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