How dead is Hitler?

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At the conference of Potsdam, shortly after the German capitulation, made Stalin the allies to believe that Hitler was on the run, while he near had buried. A French journalist and a scientist offer finally a definite answer: ‘It certainly is now: what they have there in Moscow, are really Hitler’s teeth.’

Sleep on both ears tonight, reader. Adolf Hitler is dead, and that he is since he committed suicide on 30 april 1945. A French journalist and a researcher traveled to Moscow and proposed that with his own eyes. The story of that quest you will read Saturday in dS Weekblad. Below you will find a preview.

We knew that we are not already, that Hitler was dead? Not according to the conspiracy theories: how he just escaped from his bunker in Berlin, and the years in hiding lived in Spain or Argentina, on a small island in the Pacific or even to Antarctica. The French journalist Jean-Christophe Brisard had two years with his feet, play on by Russian bureaucrats, to end up in the deepest archives of the eyewitness memory and remains of Hitler and Eva Braun to be allowed to investigate. “It is now for sure: Hitler’s teeth are in Moscow.’ And the old debate about how the Führer committed suicide, with poison or with the bullet? ‘Probably both.’

A buurtcafeetje in Paris, not far from Montmartre, on a rainy morning. A forty-something drinking his coffee. Other customers are not paying attention to him. Would one of them the series of the History Channel have followed about Hitler’s flight to South America? This Jean-Christophe Brisard, grand reporter at Le Figaro, has such stories permanently into the realm of fiction referred to. With the help of the Russian-American Lana Parshina and Philippe Charlier, a doctor at the forensic medicine that even though the seem of Richard the Lionheart, Joan of Arc and Robespierre examined. Brisard and Parshina wrote it down in The death of Hitler.

How to get a man there to investigate how death Hitler?

“A few years ago, I wrote a book about the children of dictators. A French historian told me that a Russian archivist him in the 90’s, a shoe box was shown with the skull of Joseph Goebbels. There’s a story in, I thought, but I hit a not of Moscow. I asked Lana Parshina, that the chapter had written about Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana, to mediate. Thanks to her we were on call, so they could gauge whether we thrill-seekers out there were or are serious journalists. But immediately it appeared that they no skull had Goebbels, that was a mistake. It was that of Adolf Hitler.’

The full story about the search for the remains of Adolf Hitler, read Saturday in dS Weekblad. ‘Stalin has deliberately caused confusion, though he knew perfectly well that Hitler is dead.”

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