Hotel Römantiek delivers two couples!

67b658592cb2eafa6fde059bf3480e8c - Hotel Römantiek delivers two couples!

The second season of Hotel Römantiek again was a shot in the rose. The program yielded two new couples: Jan & Mieke, and Marc & Maria.

At the end of the trip, decided only one couple remaining in Portugal: Jan and Mieke, who already during the first episode, for each other fell. And five months later they are still happy together.

At the other ‘zwanenkoppels’ jump the spark still isn’t over. Ghislaine didn’t want to go with Jean-Marie, Willy was not the man for Julia, Francine and Guido were still not sure of each other and also for Flamidianus and Mika wasn’t to be.

Also at Marc and Ewa came Cupid not to pass, although the program at Marc his candle again did burn. And although he during the program, said that Maria is too much temperament had for him, it turns out that they are still a couple of forms.

Also, Freddy finally came out as a different human being back from Portugal, and that has paid off. In the meantime, he is even engaged with Philomène, who is not a participant of the program.

Hotel Römantiek Thursday missed? Via TV Replay of Proximus TV you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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