GTST-set is in the real relationship

e020b3f4d59ec0ae30eeed86b4fed91d - GTST-set is in the real relationship

Apparently, the spark outside of the set of GTST also real, as actors Alkan Çöklü (23) and Melissa Drost (32) confirmed Thursday on Instagram that they have a relationship.

“We are together! Fall in love with her!”, writes Alkan, who in the series the role of Amir played. On the photo you can see how to Melissa in his arms.

On the set are the two in their role also madly in love with each other, though they have quite some problems since the wife of the Amir has returned.

Alkan and Melissa are not the first GTST-bunch; Erik de Vogel and Caroline de Bruijn, who in the series, the roles of Ludo and Janine play, have already had years of a relationship.

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