Gert Verhulst close third child is not out of

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Tomorrow, Saturday 31 march, Gert Verhulst and his daughter Marie, the last guests of Ann Van Elsen in The Family Van Elsen on Joe. Ann wonders if Gert ever have a baby, has considered Ellen: “Yes, we have ever had,” says Gert. “But with Ellen lives that they want to have children, not really, so I think that’s mainly a decision of her will depend on. If ever she is definitely still a child wants, then I think not that I the man may be her that does. I already have two children and she doesn’t, so I have all of that already experienced. What can I say: my life is complete. But we’re talking, of course.” Ann is curious and asks immediately if it can still come: “I hope that still might come, that I still am able”, is the response Gert. “But it is not that it is a concrete plan, but does not exclude this. Never not.” The broadcast of The Family Van Elsen with Gert and Marie is tomorrow, Saturday 31 march, from 10.00 to 12.00 to hear about Joe.

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