‘George Clooney refused a role in Roseanne’

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George played in the eighties in Roseanne when he was ‘a talent’ was.

Despite the high ratings of the first episode of the remake of the serie Roseanne, George Clooney, his appearance didn’t make it into the show in which he in 1988 was to be seen. Clooney played was eleven episodes long, the role of Booker Books. But according to naamgeefster Roseanne Barr ‘he felt nothing for is to do’.

“He didn’t want to, so that was a bummer. He now lives mainly in Italy with his wife and children, so I do understand. But it was of course great fun been if George had returned to the set.” George played in Roseanne when he was ‘a talent’ was. Five years after Roseanne, he got the role of doctor Doug Ross in the hit series er and increased its popularity to a great height. Then a stream of offers for both film and televisierollen within.

Meanwhile, George was acting on a backburner set now that he’s the father of twins, Alexander and Ella. Although Roseanne claims that Clooney no longer wanted to do because he lives in Italy, suspect insiders that mainly has to do with her clear choice for Donald Trump, of which Clooney is a fierce opponent. “Roseanne puts her political preference is not under chairs or sofas, which is her good right, but George don’t want to be associated.”

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