Fraudsters try with the name Brigitte Macron to obtain benefits

Unknowns tried with a false e-mail address and the name of the French first lady Brigitte Macron places to get into fancy restaurants and at events all over the world. Mrs Macron filed a complaint for identity theft.

“There is a complaint filed and the investigation is’, confirmed a representative of Brigitte Macron, after fraudsters vainly tried with her identity to obtain benefits.

RTL radio brought the news to the outside of various e-mails that were sent from the address ‘’. That looks very similar to the official e-mail address of the Macrons cabinet.

In the e-mails asked the fraudsters in the name of the wife of late include the best table in a vijfsterrenrestaurant, special hotel rooms and tickets for the Formula 1 price Australia. The mails even wrote the companies in Hong Kong and Morocco, which the entourage of the Macron does fear that the mails are intended for its reputation to harm.

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