FOUR angry VTM

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It is harm between VTM and Four. It appears that they at VTM for their new program Around The World with 80-year-olds, candidates from Hotel Römantiek have addressed. That writes The Tomorrow. In the VTM program to make the elderly a trip around the world. Still later on the same station, The Voice Senior. But it turns out that it is not so simple to enough seniors to find with tv ambitions. The scarcity is so great that VTM in the search for suitable travel companions became involved in a number of elderly people that were previously in Hotel Römantiek were to be seen. “Bizarre”, Otto-Jan Ham, who that latest program presented. “The search for suitable candidates is an important part of a program. I know that a lot of people there, a lot of time in stop. It would never in my mind to get candidates to run who are already in another program. Witness, if you ask me, of a lack of quickly finding an.”

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