Former Miss Belgian Beauty is getting into politics

a80b31dbec97dfeb3fb382734a8dc8be - Former Miss Belgian Beauty is getting into politics

Zsofi Horvath (38), a former Miss Belgian Beauty, will in the coming elections to stand as a candidate for CD&V in Zemst. Horvath, a woman with Hungarian roots, crowned in 2003, to Miss Belgian Beauty.

“I played a long time with the idea of me as a candidate, because I really want to be involved in the municipal policy. In the past I have during a number of activities have already worked with people of CD&V and I noticed that they are very close to the people. Thanks to them, I have also be able to ensure that the Centre of excellence for child wish Flanders in Zemst a kinderwenshuis has been able to establish. That are things that have me close to your heart,” said Horvath.

It is, according to mayor Bart Coopman not yet decided which place to Horvath on the list.

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