Flemish scenarioprijzen for ‘Facades’ and ‘Beau séjour’

b88dcdec2bf1efcf3c626eec44285335 - Flemish scenarioprijzen for 'Facades' and 'Beau séjour'

The Flemish Scenaristengilde has Thursday night her their screenplay awarded to screenwriter Jan Pepermans for the film ‘Facades’. In the tv series, the prize went to screenwriters Sanne Nuyens, Bert Van Dael and Benjamin Sprengers for “Beau séjour”. It reports the pr agency behind The People, the production company that both the film as a series, produced.

With the prices want the Scenaristengilde the “often anonymous creator of a movie or series in the spotlight”, what it sounds like. The members of the guild brought their voice out through their website.

‘Facades’ is defined as karaktergedreven drama about a woman who unexpectedly at a turning point in her life. The main roles were for Natali Broods, Johan Leysen and Theo Maassen. The direction was in the hands of Kaat Beels and Nathalie Basteyns.

“As a screenwriter, it is already a huge gift to the fine and talented people to take your script to film. Also winning for the words that they are so nice and respectful have interpreted feels like Sinterklaas and Christmas coincide”, responds Jan Pepermans according to the press release.

‘Beau séjour’ is a raw, contemporary whodunit, directed by Kaat Beels and Nathalie Basteyns. The series flirts with the boundaries of reality and takes place in a small village where a lot of secrets come to the surface. The lead role was made for Lynn Van Royen.

“It was a work of long breath for about ten episodes back the puzzle together to cross. We hope that our sector can become a professional, that there are still more young talent can come to the surface and, above all, that there is enough invested in less obvious ideas such as “Beau séjour” in the first instance one was,” responds the team of screenwriters.

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