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Edmilson delivered Standard in the slot against stiff Charleroi

df7eb8562caa1043acad8e8e165ac7d9 - Edmilson delivered Standard in the slot against stiff Charleroi

Standard has the first match of Play-off 1 won with a fine goal to bounce back Edmilson, the Rouches over the stiff Charleroi. For the rest there were barely chances to score in the always loaded derby, in the second half went on both teams to victory. The final assault of the Rouches was ultimately a oververdiend goal: 1-0. By this victory takes the Rouches (for now) about Genk to AA Gent shared fourth place, Charleroi remains third.

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Nostalgia for the match: Standard-icons Léon Semmeling, Wilfried Van Moer, Christian Piot, and Eric Gerets were the winners ‘ cup fêteren. Michel Preud’homme was not there, who see the Standard-fans next season might be back in a different guise.

And even a dash of history: both of the major Walloon rivals played until yesterday, only one time together in PO1. In 2014-2015, on the last day won Standard with 2-0 and picked up a EL-ticket. It was also the last match of Roland Duchâtelet, who, shortly afterwards, Standard sold. The following two seasons wringing the Zebras toward the top as no. 1 of Wallonia. See the Standard-fans: Premier Club Wallon? Zéro palmares! Thanks, Merci, au revoir was on their banner.

But who is now the First club from Wallonia? Charleroi, surprising third finished but with hardly nine points in the last nine matches? And now started as a Small Thumb in Reuzenland, says coach Mazzu. Or Standard, proud a cup winner?

The first half was for the Rouches, still hungry after the cup chips. Charleroi, with five men in the back, proved, however, that the still stubborn and well organised and can defend. But switch is not there anymore. ‘Squeezed’, it seems, is our liniecoaches know some of it. Standard tried, however, especially under the impulse of the strong central duo Cimirot (Sa Pinto kept his ‘tired’ internationals Marin and Ochoa on the bench) and Agbo in midfield ,but had too much to rely on the flashes of Carcela. Many boemboem, little blabla: no real opportunities. Charleroi with Mandanda in goal – Penneteau fell during the warming-up with a back injury. – held without a lot of any problems.

Same spelbeeld in the second half: Standard wanted the most but played back too much on strength and enthusiasm. And all too rushed. And the visitors kept everything close. It was ultimately a defender Laifis yet for the most likely caused. Sa Pinto still tried with the contribution of Marin and Cop, but also that seemed to be a measure of nothing. Only Emond and Cop were still just as close to. There was still a final offensive, but the battle of Wallonie seemed to be still on a draw to turn out… Until suddenly Edmilson then but a time of far tried and are bang delicious in the upper-right corner to capture. 1-0 and a applausvervanging on top.

Standard kept in a stirring slot position and signed for the first victory in PO1 and is just next to Ghent on the fourth place. Another party in Liège! In the meantime, can the Buffalo’s already on match day 1 is over Charleroi, since January 19, not won, humping.

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