Dutchman launches search engine for hacked passwords

82d56b7bf0dee460ca716d3da58b6f9a - Dutchman launches search engine for hacked passwords

Ethical hacker D0gberry claims that he is today the login data of 3.3 million Dutch accounts are going to publish. It comes to dates that have been circulating, but he has now brought together in the hope users are encouraged to convert to a strong password.

The login details, all years around on the web, and come from a number of large data breaches. The hacker says in an interview with the newspaper AD no malicious motive. He would make Dutch people aware that their data online to see.

It’s not going to newly obtained data, but data that are captured in previous data breaches, such as LinkedIn and Dropbox. After these data breaches to came out, people were already called their passwords to match. But often that is not the case.

Also, this kind of search engines are not new – who its way online, the data is already found. In the past, login credentials for a fee, but recently they are becoming easier searchable. D0gberry, however, goes one step further: the hacker wants to make it clear that the data leaked, and also enter the first three characters of each password.

Ministries and banks

The data in the database according to the AD, for a significant portion of the accounts of Dutch government agencies, and large companies. The AD got access to a database of 1.4 billion addresses and passwords from around the world. An estimated 3.3 million of them were of Dutch origin.

At the big data breaches over the past few years, credentials, looted of tens of millions of accounts worldwide, including in the Netherlands.

The site of D0gberry is not yet online, but would anyway not be subject to Belgian addresses. Who wants to check whether its address is already leaked, you can look through, for example,

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