Dutch people have to pay for Temptation Island

33fe635d5a0a0232027e528abbc71a84 - Dutch people have to pay for Temptation Island

The Flemish viewer, it is now without his weekly serving of Temptation? RTL channel is working on an exclusive Dutch version (allegedly with CELEBRITIES), which by our neighbors only against payment. RTL is planning for the new season exclusively via Video on the screen. And that pay-tv channels, which is owned by RTL, in Belgium cannot be seen. Know that The Morning. Since the transmitter on Dutch territory is aiming for, travelling there is also no Belgian couples. Whether this has consequences for Flanders is not yet clear. After all it may be that next spring, not a set, because the Netherlands may not want to participate. FIVE can also choose to without Dutch colleagues to continue. All that is overly difficult. Temptation Island is a very expensive production for a smaller transmitter. Also a relocation of the program to big brother FOUR, where it has to be within the budget, is difficult. Imagogewijs there is not really a match and in addition has FOUR with the gereanimeerde Expedition Robinson, The mole and Hotel Römantiek all a lot of reality in the scheme.

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