Director Tim Oliehoek sharper now that he’s no more alcohol to drink

7126c36e65dff52dbbffd4844af081cb - Director Tim Oliehoek sharper now that he's no more alcohol to drink

Tim Oliehoek finds himself as a director a lot sharper since he due to the lung disease sarcoidosis not drink more.

“From the moment I get up, my feelers to,” says the 39-year-old Oliehoek to Winq. “If I have a scenario to read, I can see faster what it lacks. I now think ten steps ahead.”

His condition, according Oliehoek so intense that you no more want to do, and always tired. He swallowed for a while drugs and drink today, on doctor’s advice, no more alcohol, although he used “quite a lot” and drank.

The director, known from The Case Documents and The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, also stopped smoking and sport today every day. “My favorite drink is now spa red, instead of vodka with ice. Already, I miss the booze sometimes.”


Although he is better in his skin, notice Oliehoek also that there are disadvantages to the non-drinking. “It is apparent to everyone to drink, so I must every time explain. I see some friends less and become less invited for get-togethers.”

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