Debut Sean Penn not cheering welcomed

d96bc355d44c70835e7b101cc62f6492 - Debut Sean Penn not cheering welcomed

Sean Penn, multiple “oscar” Italian, launched recently his first novel, “Bob, Honey Who Just Do Stuff’. The Hollywood Reporter lijstte the most important reviews on, and which were not particularly pleasant for the American actor.

“What a horrible book, I got sweats, so bad it was written”, wrote The Huffington Post. Entertainment Weekly put it less cru: “Penn does his best, but his attempts to make normal sentences to writing feel forced and thought out.” The National Review reported some of the “worst prose”, in which the huisrecensent in a long time to read it.

The Washington Post also showed little very of the debuuroman. “As an audio book it was still really nice, but the written version… Penn can better focus on acting, because he is a lot better.” The New York Times finally, it was also not stingy with criticism: “It is simply not funny and linguistically saves this book make no sense at all.”

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