Children Flowers were everything except lying

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The children of Karin Bloemen and her husband, guitarist Marnix Busstra, were in their puberty do anything except lie. That told the singer and comedian in an interview on NPO Radio 5.

“When your puberty starts, then know you that they are things secretly going to do”, laid Flowers. “It doesn’t matter if you as a parent doesn’t allow or not, they are going to do it anyway. So then I’d rather they be honest about this. That we have also said: you may do everything, but if you get in my face is lying and we find out, then you get a punishment.”

I have her daughters are well-behaved to be held. “Then they came home and said: I’ve been drinking, hahaha, I get no punishment! But at least you know what they are doing. You should be able to trust that your children are telling the truth.”

Big mouth

Flowers noted that this is not a conventional approach. “Friends complain that teenagers of that great basin and oppressed. I think mainly what’s good is that they pass gas. They dare to react against the people from whom they in this life if first held. That makes you strong: than you dare later also against your boss or boyfriend that you are not good treats. As a parent, you want powerful people on earth, who do not allow themselves to be pushed around.”

Itself was Flowers beaten as she has a big mouth. About this time, the singer is always very candid. “It has quite a long time before I have enough self-confidence had built up after that time period,” she said in the interview. “Sometimes that sorry-that-I-am-feeling back. Then says to my husband: Karin, you’re doing it again. I have to sometimes really get my tongue in line not sorry to say.”

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