Chantal Janzen gave birth!

4aef9b8c7ac024af34df050a92e9939e - Chantal Janzen gave birth!

Chantal Janzen (37) is Thursday to become a mother of son Bobby. That made the announcer Friday morning known on social media.

“And then there was Bobby,” writes Chantal, followed by the date of birth of her son. The RTL-star announced in October in expectation of a baby boy. Together with her husband Marco Geeratz she already had a son of nine, James, with whom she had earlier this month on the cover was from the the &C-special Oh Baby!.

Earlier this week let the blonde hostess know that they are a lot of worried messages received from people who were afraid that they will soon the studio has to offer for the shooting of a new season of The boys against the girls. “Because there are public searches, I get too much messages of overbezorgde moedermensen concerned if I do go out, look at that glass plate, “and how I ” still on heels”, wrote Chantal on Instagram.

“Well to answer your questions: I’m going to these recordings, of course, not do, koekebakkers, because I now enjoy delicious m’n zwangerschapsvakantie (leave sounds like you get out there with an ankle bracelet). Cheers, bon appetit, houdoe, hoije and thank you.”

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