Candy store by the substance to easter bunny Dries

9dc5ab857f5e977a700367d8856a3640 - Candy store by the substance to easter bunny Dries

The promise that Dries Roelvink was doing to the candy store that advertised a chocolate easter bunny named ” Easter Boss Dries’ that they are of his attorney, would hear, seems to be fulfilled. Jamin has Friday namely a rectification placed, in which they apologise to the singer.

In the corrigendum is to be read that the candy store acknowledges that they consent to have asked Dries. “Our sincere apologies for the situation which has arisen and we will according to the agreement further measures with regard to the product in question”, ends the message on the website of the store is published.

Dries let Private know that his lawyer had contact with the chain. Despite the fact that he, the rectification can appreciate, says he is not going to be for this to settle.

It was previously known that there is camera footage to see was that Dries eggs to a subsidiary of the snoepketen threw. In addition, he made on Facebook his displeasure, by an ad of the tasty easter bunny to write: “You hear something from my lawyer. This can not just boys.”

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