Boy (16) who was shot will get punishment for protest

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MIDDLETOWN – It feels like he’s ’re-shot’. That tells the 16-year-old Cooper Caffrey, who in 2016, was shot at his school and is now being punished for participating in a protest against weapons and shootings.

In 2014 became Cooper Caffrey injured in a shooting (old photo).

Two years ago, Caffrey out of nothing, shot. He had chicken nuggets to eat. Lying on the ground, he saw students pass him running, hoping that someone would say that everything is OK, this is how a local news agency. Now, two years later, he was walking along in a protest march to demonstrate against shootings such as those in Florida.

The 43 students who went on strike and protested to their apologies. They also had to nablijven. “It was as if once again I was shot,” said Cooper after his father, writes the Enquirer.

His father explains resignedly. “The whole purpose of a ‘walkout’ to protest against the prevailing order. I did not expect that the established order that would support,” said Marty Caffrey, who stresses the need to be grateful for the help of school after his son was shot.

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