Belgium confirms: nuclear power stations close by 2025

db39cb617f9dcdd85e1fd8d33f7651c6 - Belgium confirms: nuclear power stations close by 2025

BRUSSELS – two Belgian nuclear power plants in doel and Tihange going to close in 2025. Only if the next few years should prove to be a shortage of electricity threatens, it may be decided to extend the life.

The nuclear reactor in doel, just across the border from Antwerp

The government parties reached Friday agreement on a strategy in which this arrangement is laid down. About the safety of the reactors, there are many concerns in the neighbouring countries, including the Netherlands.

The closure in 2025 was already there, but the last time suggested that the N-VA, the largest ruling party, the power stations open longer to keep. The party got the guarantee that energy prices are not often skyrocketing and similar to keep up with surrounding countries.

To the closure of the power plants to capture and meet the requirements of the climate deal in Paris to meet, put the government heavily in renewable energy, more wind farms in the North sea.

The accelerated reduction of the gas production in the Netherlands makes the government not to worry. The Belgian energieminister Marie-Christine Marghem has “regular and close contact with minister Wiebes and “works well together with the Dutch government”, let the spokesperson know.

Belgium is for 30 percent of the low-calorie gas from the Netherlands. The neighbours have agreed that the gas valve from 2024 is gradually closed and the supply in 2030 will stop.

The industry can for a large part run on hoogcalorisch gas. The installations at Belgian households over the next ten years adapted. “A further acceleration of the conversion of foreign consumers is not possible at this time,” said Wiebes.

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