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Antwerp Giants consolidates second place in Euromillions Basketball League

The Antwerp Giants Friday night on the 23rd match day of the EuroMillions Basketball League a handsome 62-69 victory booked at Aalstar. The inhabitants of antwerp strengthen their second place in the standings.

In an exciting duel for the second place led Aalst, on the break (32-29), but the Giants had a strong last quarter and won easy with 62-69. Tremell Darden was on the Antwerp side, the star of the evening with 13 points.

Charleroi was by the defeat of Aalstar third. The Carolo’s had the Hainaut derby at Bergen win and did that also. It was 88-90 after a extension. Seth Tuttle is the new to matchwinnaar with 21 points.

At the bottom of the standings managed to Hatch there, again, not to win. In Leuven, members of the people of liège, a 77-73 defeat. For the Flemish people from the netherlands it is the third victory of the season.

In the last two meetings of the evening bekten Ostend and Limburg United large victories in, respectively, Willebroek (58-85) and Brussels (56-86).

The 24th match day is Saturday, and Sunday all finished.

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