André van Duin opens kaasmarktseizoen

d454cdf6cd3a450c0f209fc2c1011b45 - André van Duin opens kaasmarktseizoen

André van Duin has Friday morning the traditional kaasmarktseizoen opened in the city of cheese, Alkmaar, the netherlands. The comedian and actor was allowed to include the bell ringing at the Alkmaar waag square.

Comedian Andre van Duin opens as belluider on the Alkmaar waag square the season of the largest and oldest cheese market of the Netherlands.

It is a special edition of the opening of the kaasjaar, because the Alkmaar guild her 425e birthday. The ringing of the bell at the beginning of spring is already on its 425-year tradition. The cheese market attracts many thousands of visitors.

Of Dune was the last season below to see more in the series The secret diary of Hendrik Groen, and as the host of the successful cooking show all of Holland Bakes.

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