Amber Rose uses sex toys

7aa962d47bab8149244c6a70f3832da7 - Amber Rose uses sex toys

The actress finds it a pity that there is still a taboo on sex toys rest.

Amber Rose, who once courtship had with Kanye West, and 21 Savage and was married to Wiz Khalifa, says that they are only bed mates. Despite that, the actress still sex toys to help her to reach orgasm during sex. The former stripper, tells Newsweek that they will have different toys in the drawer of her nachtjkastje stores.

“I can’t choose,” she says. “They are all my favorites, it depends on what you want. If we at the same time penetration and clitoral stimulation like, we have several.”

“If you like sex, do you want an orgasm, you want to feel good and there is nothing disgusting, dirty, or dirt on sex,” says Amber.

“I think people sex toys, especially women, stigmatization. Users are dismissed as bad girls. But penetration does not always work for us. We have just a little extra help is needed.”

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