Alain Clark lose 1500 ideas for music

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Alain Clark is recently about 1500 musical ideas lost. “I have of the week by accident while cycling with the palm of my hand all my voice memo’s be deleted. There were old things in between, but also much material that is yet to come,” says the singer on NPO Radio 2-dj Bart Arens.

Alain Clark

It was a long time ago that Alain, his last backup was made. “My last backup was from 2015. When I got the phone after cycling on my computer tied in, it was suddenly all gone. Really horrible bales.”

The conversation between Clark and the Eagle’s took place behind the mixing console of the Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, where the two the formation of Alains hit Father & Friend discussed. The singer tells he that he always used the voice of his father Dean wanted to have. Also, he shows the original ending of the hit hear.

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