Ajax suspected Younes ‘spookblessure’

a4a1b4496fcc4e91383161386a1e6601 - Ajax suspected Younes 'spookblessure'

The accelerated transfer of Amin Younes to Napoli came to Ajax at the beginning of this calendar year particularly good.

Amin Younes had been suffering from ‘spookblessure’.

The German attacker was it was suspected systematically a knee injury to fake.

Younes trained the whole week, but said Friday as the selection was announced at Emperor because of the ’spookblessure’ not to be able to play.

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The reason: at a certain number of duels would his contract will automatically be extended for one year.

The departure of Younes to Napoli walked eventually, however, and soap.


Read the entire reconstruction of the soap around Amin Younes in the premium edition of The Telegraaf/Telesport on Friday 30 march.

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