‘With The Lies and Kluivert would we be here to win’

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’All the Germans in terms of educating to do, is so much better than us’. That is the general image that exists in the Netherlands voetballand. But just as Orange under 19 missing Germany under-19 next summer at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Finland. Is the grass really so much greener on our eastern neighbours?

Owen Wijndal drips off.

In Ahlen went Orange under 19 Tuesday in the final and decisive groepsduel with 1-4 down against the German peers. That cold, hard numbers seem to indicate a large krachtsverschil, but according to coach Maarten Stekelenburg flattered and also explainable.

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“With Matthijs de ligt and Justin Kluivert (called the big Orange), plus Ferdi Kadioglu (suspension), we could have this age group is complete”, says the keuzeheer. “Then we win. These are our three best players. You take that away, then we are able very well to do, but can you just not make a difference.”

Orange -19 extremely young

Without the above three were in Orange under 19 only three players of 19, seven players of 18 and one player of 17 years old in the base. The generation of opponent Germany was, on average, almost a year further.

Die Mannschaft has performed with no less than eight 19-year-olds and three boys from 18 to. It draws a general difference in selectiesamenstellingen between the Netherlands and Germany. In the Netherlands, slide talents across the entire width of already very fast. In the case of The Is and Kluivert young men on their eighteenth Cristiano Ronaldo, plugging, or be deemed to debut against the European champion.

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