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What are the BV’s socks the other out of the ring?

5946409924e8587e31aaf51afc6bfad8 - What are the BV's socks the other out of the ring?

For those who’ve always wondered what it looks like when a well-known Flemish people to a pulp is beaten, there is good news. It is starting tonight in primetime broadcast.


VTM, 20.35-21.45 hrs

BV’s battle each other in the boxing ring. Boxing stars came out for the launch of the mannenzender Caz, but beat in such a way that VTM, a full program of made.


Canvas, 21.15-22.05 hours

Just now #MeToo-coverage a breather seems to be taking, send Canvas a documentary about the subject with a stimulating starting point. In Working with Weinstein hits ex-employees of the filmtycoon from the confession.


Four, 20.35-21.35 pm

The second season of this touching and funny dating show for the elderly ends again. Perhaps it will be another year until we are us again to the antics of the old farts can warm up. All depends also The voice for the elderly in the air.


NPO2, 22.55-00.00

Ahmad Joudeh is a Syrian ballet dancer who since a few years dancing with the National Ballet of the Netherlands. For he in all freedom could dance, he had his dangerous passion exercise between the ruins of his war-torn country. In this double broadcast get next to a documentary about Joudeh is also a dance film in which a group of Dutch people on the flight stores.

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