Urbanus-figures next year in cinema

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This week, the votes recorded for “The Vuilnisheld”, a crazy animated film for young and old that takes place in the of the pot way that they are pulled Urbanus-universe of Tollembeek. In “The Vuilnisheld” close the adults of Tollembeek a lucrative deal with a shady Russian (banker Jef Patat, disguised as Igor The Russian): Igor may be dangerous waste are deposited in Tollembeek for a year and the residents will do this coarse to be paid. Urban sees the chance of a giant engagement ring to buy in order to get married with Teacher Pussy. But of course, everything in the hundred, and the children are in rebellion against the plan of the adults.

Together with the Gallic village of Asterix, Tollembeek the best-known village from our stripgeschiedenis. Next year to celebrate the Tollembekenaars, together with their inventors, Willy Linthout and Urbane, their 35th birthday. Since the publication of the first album “The Fritkotmysterie” at the end of 1983, signed, and came up with Willy Linthout and Urbain Servranckx more than 175 absurd stories with the crazy figures from Tollembeek. Multiple generations of fans grew up with the mischievous strips, of which almost 10 million copies were sold. The scenario of “The Vuilnisheld” is an original story, written by Urbain Servranckx, and Jimmy Simons.

Just like the comics, the film is a mix of mischievous humour and kwajongensstreken that young and old can relate to. Stemmenregisseur Vincent Ball brought a fine cast together: Urbain Servranckx (Urbanus), Ben Segers (the dog Nabuko Donosor), Sven De Ridder (bromvlieg Amedee), Frances Lefebure (Teacher Pussy), Sien Eggers (mother Eufrazie), Ron Cornet (father Cesar), Ludo Hellinx (Jef Patat), Pieter embrechts has been & Dimitri Leue (community police officers René & Modest), Koen Van Impe (Pastor), Tom Van Dyck (Doctor Schrikmerg), Tuur Verelst, Thijs Antonneau and Wout Verstappen (school friends Thick Herman, Botswana & Pinnekeshaar), Mark Verstraete (Master Quince) and Anke Helsen (Madam Pif).

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