Unique performance Kuipers

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Björn Kuipers is the first Dutch referee with four final rounds (after his name.

Referee Björn Kuipers.

He whistled at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS soccer 2012 (Poland and Ukraine) and 2016 (France), was also active on the world cup 2014 (Brazil) and is this summer at the world cup of 2018 in Russia. Also read:
Team Kuipers to world cup

Kuipers joins two other former toparbiters on behalf of the Netherlands at two world cup’s whistled: Charles Corver (1978 and 1982) and Mario van der Ende (1994 and 1998).

The list of Dutch world cup arbitrators: John van Moorsel (1934), Karel van der meer (1950), Jan Bronkhorst (1958), Leo Horn (1962), Lau of Ravens (1970), Arie van Gemert (1974), Charles Corver (1978, 1982), Jan Keizer (1986), Mario van der Ende (1994, 1998), Jan Wegereef (2002), Björn Kuipers (2014, 2018).

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