Trump: ‘the American army will soon take Syria to leave

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The American president Donald Trump during a speech in Ohio, all the audience surprised by suddenly announcing that all American troops within a short time,’ will withdraw from Syria.

President Trump made the surprising announcement Thursday night in Ohio, during a talk that would actually go on infrastructure works. “It is time that others in the situation to begin to address,” he said. “We are currently very hard to beat. Therefore, we can Syria will very soon leave.’

“We will take the caliphate for the full one hundred percent in the hands. We take everything back’, added Trump added.

Trump complained about the large amounts of money that the United States have already spent on the war in Syria. “We need our people back to our own country, where they belong, decided the head of state.

How serious?

The question remains as to how serious the announcement of Trump to take. The American president did in the past though several announce that later did not materialize. As he announced after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, to the surprise of many, a stricter arms legislation, to soon to come back.

Moreover, said the U.s. department of defense recently that all 2,000 U.s. troops currently in Syria are stationed, yet in that country will continue.

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