Tobias Menzies as prince Philip in The Crown

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The British actor Tobias Menzies takes in Netflix series The Crown the role of prince Philip, the husband of queen Elizabeth. That report Deadline. Menzies is known from roles in series such as Rome and Outlander.

Tobias Menzies

He replaces Matt Smith in the series. The Crown highlights per season for ten years from the life of the British queen. Starring Smith and Claire Foy will be in the third season, replaced by older players. The role of the queen is taken over by Olivia Colman.

Prince Philip

The Crown is one of the most expensive series ever made and one of the figureheads of pay-tv channels Netflix. Producer Peter Morgan spoke two years ago, the hope that actress Helen Mirren in a few years, the role of the old Elizabeth back. She played the role previously in the critically acclaimed play The Audience and the Oscar-winning film The Queen.

Claire Foy and Matt Smith as queen Elizabeth and prince Philip.

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