TO continue, the actor Guy From S. for possession and production of child pornography

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The Belgian Public Prosecutor wants to be an actor, Guy S. (54) not only sue you for possession of child pornography, but also for the exchanging, distributing, showing and producing. That report various Flemish media.

Guy S.

Of S., in the Netherlands known from the AVROTROS-series Project Orpheus, risking a prison sentence of up to fifteen years. The actor was seen as suspicious when one of the members of a chat room, where dozens of men, child pornography with each other, exchanged, was caught by his wife and the police stepped in.

Then there was started an investigation into the other members of the chat room, which ultimately led to Frank P. (61), who as professor of the history of theatre was working at the University of Antwerp and is seen as a key member of the network. Through his confessions and came to the police in S., which in 2016 was arrested for involvement in the kinderpornozaak.

New search

Also, there was a raid in the town of Edegem, where the actor on behalf of the party N-VA was active as an alderman of Culture, Marital status and neighbourhood Policing. A day later, after a night of noise in the cell, he served his notice of resignation.

Of S. bagatelliseerde initially, his role in the case. So he admitted that the chatroom has visited, but that he is not guilty of distributing child pornography. After a new search was done at the actor, came to the police to the conclusion that there is in the property of Of S. a nude is made of a minor girl.

Daughter protect

Not much later, Werner Kuhn, the ex-husband of S.’s current wife, Nathalie, and the biological father of his stepdaughter, to weekly Day All know that the actor “dirty pictures of children” will receive. In addition, claimed Kuhn S. “the material itself and on the internet”. “I wanted the court to his work. But that takes me too long. And I have my daughter to protect. Because there is indeed objectionable material found at Guy. What two months ago uitlekte, is just the tip of the iceberg,” says Kuhn.

The study, that nearly three years, is now completed. According to Belgian media risk Of S. a term of imprisonment of up to fifteen years and a fine of up to 300,000 euros. With mitigating circumstances would be the cases, an actor can get away with six months months prison.

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