Three Catalans who Puigdemont accompanied arrested in Barcelona

3ffca3de4d2c6f23fd49c08263a3e607 - Three Catalans who Puigdemont accompanied arrested in Barcelona

Two Catalan agents and a history professor who Carles Puigdemont at his back in Germany, guided, Wednesday, arrested in Barcelona. That report Spanish media sources to the police. The former Catalan prime minister Puigdemont was already on German territory and captured.

One of the two agents could Wednesday at the airport of Barcelona will be arrested, after he from Brussels was teruggevlogen. The other was in the vicinity of his house was picked up, says the Spanish newspaper El País. According to the public service broadcaster, the police arrested the professor of history. The three of them should be responsible for “protecting a criminal”.

The two agents of the Catalan police force Mossos d ‘ Esquadra had Sunday, the 55-year-old Puigdemont accompanied when he came to the Danish-German border was crossed. Puigdemont was then with the car on the way from Finland to Belgium. The Spanish national police had Tuesday a complaint against them filed, because they Puigdemont would have helped in an escape attempt.

Puigdemont is currently in Germany in the cell, on the basis of a European arrest warrant.

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