These men play in All Stars-musical

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Starring Jim Bakkum and Kees Boot play lead roles in the musical All Stars. Bakkum plays the role of Hero, Kees Boot plays the role of the coach of the team, made producer KemnaSenf Thursday known. The premiere of the show on 14 October in Rotterdam.

Jim Bakkum

Bakkum shares the role of Hero by the way with actor Levi van Kempen. Other key roles in All Stars of the Musical are played by Lucas Hamming as Johnny, Alex Hendrickx as Bram, Mike Weerts as Willem and Urvin Monte as Mark. Also, Bart van den Donker, Jasper Demollin, Wolter Weulink, Remco Sietsema and Theo Martijn Wever are in the show to see. The female roles are cast.

Thomas Acda is the composer of All Stars. The artistic supervision is by Jean van de Velde, who in 1997 the film and then the series developed. Earlier was already announced that Frank Lammers, the musical, is directing. Acda and Lammers were shown in the movie and series.

Lammers takes the job from Job Gosschalk, that his work could not continue after his confession prior to the unveiling in november last year that he has been guilty of sexually inappropriate behaviour with actors. For the male cast of this musical was Gosschalk still responsible. Previously he was also of the film All You Need is Love met by producer NL Film distributor Dutch Filmworks.

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