Therefore, ran marriage, Marjoram and Mike on the cliffs

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“Something must have happened during the honeymoon in which Mike and Kathy are not together anymore”, think that is a large part of the viewers of the VTM program Blind Married. The rumor mill is running at full speed. The camera crew missed something or have the creators of the VTM program aware of anything from the broadcast? Images we upcoming Monday, or even will never see? Marjorie Faes and Mike Van Ryssel get a divorce, that could Flanders last Monday in Blind Married. The separation will in the course of the month of april all be pronounced, and then the wedding in november was celebrated between two people who never before had met, officially over and out. Marjoram has been for several weeks a scapegoat on social media. Her cool and detached attitudes towards Mike is the more than one million faithful viewers have noticed. Several times Marjolein was pilloried on social media and that comes at her hard. In The Latest News tells Mike Thursday, there was nothing at all happened that the viewer has not seen. And he gets immediately another rumor smash: there is no third party in the game. Marjoram will soon so not to reveal that she is together with a cameraman of the program. “The reason of our separation is that we are simply no match. Marjoram felt that already in the beginning of our honeymoon. I was the first two days of working hard with myself completely to my lady. I wanted them to have everything of me knew, so I was much about myself I told you – and they are heard not felt. Despite our efforts, they feel no longer lost. That’s about it. You need nothing more behind,” says Mike in The Latest News. Marjolein had on day three of the honeymoon all by that it is between her and Mike never would be, and was when already at home. But there was a contract and the loss of face and so they stayed and Mike together. Until she and Mike after his return from Sweden, were told that they only were going to live. Tv-looking Flanders was annoyed the last few weeks to the way Kathy reacted towards Mike. “They can sometimes be unfriendly to respond. But to be so grossly portrayed to be… She can almost no longer go out because everyone her accosts with haatreacties. She also gets hate mails. I like that very much. That must stop, because Marjoram deserves no such thing. She is a good person. And she is just very quickly is honest about her feeling,” says Mike in The Latest News. Marjolein told in the program that they are heard not felt with Mike. “Marjolein and I communicate clearly and differently. Marjoram is a sensitive person, she is someone who wants to understand, thinks a lot, an like. They are looking for someone to spend hours to talk with them. I have hours of talk, but perhaps a little too much about myself. I asked her: How is ’t? Well, she said. For me, it was enough that. For its not. Well, then you’re not on the same track, eh. While I thought: I have a relationship, that is here in order. She thought may be: ooh, that doesn’t understand me”, he says in the newspapers of “media house”.

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