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The Standard four times nominated for Belfius Persprijzen

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The Standard has won two nominations in the wait for the Belfius Persprijzen in the category “Written press”. The newspaper is also a time nominated in the categories of ‘Digital press’ and ‘Fotopers’.

A first nomination is for a journalist, Ine Renson for her series about air pollution. They went on a search for the uncomfortable truth about the air we breathe. Read here: ‘We all go a little death to air pollution’

A second nomination was for Mark Eeckhaut with his reconstruction of the last hours of the suicide bombers of 22 march. The Default could view documents that detectives seem to be anywhere on the computer of the terrorists of Zaventem. They give a picture of how they cornered felt and so not could otherwise than in Belgium too. Even though that was not the plan.

In the category ‘Digital press’, The Standard Online nominated for ” Exit Belgium. How Belgium each year, thousands of people the country’. That went over the return policy of Belgium. Each year, Belgium is about 5,000 foreigners forced on the plane. Exactly how that happens, remained unknown. The Standard opened that black box. Thanks to hundreds of inspection reports that we after years of litigation could get.

The Standard-photographer Fred Debrock has been nominated for the photo series ‘Trump in Belgium’. Photographer Sébastien Van Malleghem, who, often for The standard photographs, has been nominated.

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