The Lies and Kluivert in Barcelona

d3799d8469c148f220613dcc07c03212 - The Lies and Kluivert in Barcelona

Matthijs de ligt and Justin Kluivert entertain currently in Barcelona, before they report to at Ajax.

Justin Kluivert and Matthijs de ligt

Patrick Kluivert posted on his Instagram a cheerful picture, in which he is posing with the two and other son Shane Kluivert. Son Justin made his debut last Monday in the Dutch national team in the won a friendly against Portugal (0-3).
Shortly afterwards, it was Kluivert in an election of NxGn voted the biggest talent in the world.

Also The Is played in Geneva, switzerland. The Ajax defender was again a strong impression and played Cristiano Ronaldo from the match.

Patrick Kluivert, with sons Justin and Shane, and Matthijs de ligt


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