Tension rises for The Passion-actors

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Slowly it starts becoming more itch with the protagonists of The Passion. Thursday night is the after months of preparation so far and the paasevenement of the EO and KRO-NCRV performed in the Amsterdam Bijlmer. “We have here a very long time to go lived, it is very to the itch. It is far, I feel like,” says Tommie Christiaan, that this year Jesus performed, between the rehearsals.

Really tense is the protagonist, not yet. “But it is very much at the mess and the butterflies in my stomach. It’s more that I very much feel like. We have for so long worked on and to it now to the public to see is great.”

Glennis Grace, which Mary plays, her nerves still in the hand.” “I think that healthy tension is.” When they were asked Maria to play, had the singer “very loudly.” “I like Maria, I saw it not so for me, but I found it very very fun.” After all the preparation, see Glennis themselves completely as Mary, and she goes there to “make the best of it.” “I’m going to try to enjoy it. There happens so much in my life that I really have so many projects behind each other do, but this is such a special project. I also get to hear from everyone: try to enjoy, so I am going to definitely do it.”


Enjoy is there for Jeangu Macrooy Thursday, probably not yet. “I hope that I can go enjoy, but I’m probably still focused on what I need to do,” says the singer in the skin of Judas creeps. “I’m going anyway to look back, then I can enjoy more.” With the play of Judas is a dream for Jeangu. “I find it very fun to play. This was really on my bucketlist. I wanted to once be a part of this production and the special story and I find it very cool that I Judas can play, I think that secretly the most intriguing role.”

During the rehearsals has Jeangu his nerves under control. “It is still quiet. The sun is shining, I always think that’s good, and the rehearsals go very smoothly. I think that at the time of go live that the creeps start then.”


Also He finds it “very exciting.” “I take my profession very seriously. If I songs do I already have ten, fifteen years live do than rehearse I’m really drowsy and now are the new things so call me quite a battle in the round. I love it, it makes something in you los. There is a certain tension, a certain nervous looks like a small thread.” According to the rapper, who played the role of Peter performed, is The Passion “for everyone else than different.” “It’s not normal how you are performing, it is unique.”

Is also Tommie is all too well aware. The musical star is hoping that his emotions until the very end to keep under control. “There are several special moments. For me personally, it is the time that Jesus ran away with his friends, the disciples, to think, and still once to God to turn from “do I need this path to really walk,” and ” there is no other way’. During the time I sing the song I fall. I thought that was very intriguing to play. I still remember with tears in my eyes on the set.”

Particular thing

Also the last song of the evening, according to Tommie, “a spectacular moment.” “I have my emotions well under control, but I find it most exciting to get that last song to sing. While I sing am, I also think if Tommie ’wow, dude, look what you’re doing’. I must very much my own thoughts, turn off there and just as Jesus is the story complete, I can then if Tommie dramatically.”

Whatever happens, Tommie has proposed “the container full to enjoy it.” “This is really such a ‘once in a lifetime” -thing, that’s not so fast anymore. Very little I said to myself: no matter what, try to enjoy it. It is still a very special thing.”

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