Sunday appears the new single of Michael Lanzo

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Who is Michael Lanzo of these days bump into will have to admit that the singer exudes. There has Michael all reason for that: he not only lost a lot of pounds, but also his singing career got a second wind. Witness his new single ‘home is where one loves you’.
Since Michael Lanzo ‘Belgium’s Got Talent ” has won the singer not the way to think out of the Flemish showwereld. His unique, powerful voice can be anything; its impressive tricks, give you goose bumps.

Michael works since shortly together with a new management and that makes for a breath of fresh air to his singing career. His new single is a good example of that. Michael went to browse in the repertoire of his idol Semino Rossi and plunged on ‘Zuhaus is da wo man dich liebt’. Bart Herman was asked – and agreed – to this gem of a Dutch text.

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