Strootman: “I had to do things differently’

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Two severe knee injuries have had a major impact on the further course of the career of Kevin Strootman. The Orange-international prepares since otherwise, for on games.

Kevin Strootman

Between 2014 and 2016 was Strootman long-term sidelined by serious knee injuries, which gave him a long-term rehabilitation cost and their mark left behind. “After my injury is my way of working and training very different,” says the midfielder of AS Roma and on the Facebook page of his club. “I had to do differently. Maybe I wanted something to accurately do, but as I am. There they made to the club sometimes to joke about, but that’s all right.”

Now Strootman was a while part of the basiself of AS Roma and he feels strong. “I feel really good and that I want to keep it this way. When I got my knee injuries and was told that I had ninety minutes to play. We have now been eighty matches further. I want to be myself right now keep on improving.”

Strootman takes the next week with AS Roma against FC Barcelona, the opponent is in the quarter finals of the Champions League. “Of course, we had Barcelona prefer not to draw,” acknowledges the international. “But you know that you are in this phase of the competition this kind of teams come across.”

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