Stormy Daniels may Trump not leave witnesses

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Porno Stormy Daniels – real name Stephanie Clifford – the American president Donald Trump will not let testify about her alleged affair with him. That has a federal judge in Los Angeles Thursday to decide.

Clifford had previously already filed a complaint with the federal court of Los Angeles. Therein she asks that the confidentiality agreement that they are a few days before the presidential election of 2016 with Trump had closed, is declared null and void. According to her lawyer, the document is not legally valid because Trump it yourself has never signed.
Tuesday knocked them over at the same court to Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen to court to testify about the case. They wanted Trump to know if he of the confidentiality agreement knew, and whether he himself had been requested. But the right answer negative to that question. A testimony of the president is “premature”, because Trump and his lawyer have not even responded to the first complaint of the actress, says he.
Cliffords lawyer Michael Avenatti has already stated that he will ask the question again will be set once Trump and his lawyer have received an answer sent on the first complaint.
Trump and Clifford had years ago, an affair, claims the actress, but just before the presidential elections of 2016, she got to 130,000 dollars to zwijggeld for the ratio to hold steady. Trumps lawyer claims that money from him personally, wam, and that without the knowledge of the president was paid. Trump denies the whole thing.

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