“Stacks” fan mail for suspicious carnage USA

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PARKLAND – The suspect of the mass murder at a school in the Us Parkland, Nikolas Cruz, receives a lot of mail. This includes fan mail and love letters, message, the local newspaper, the Sun-Sentinel.

“It’s going to be stacks of letters,” says Howard Finkelstein, whose law firm Cruz represents. “In my forty years as pro-Deoadvocaat I have never seen so many letters for a suspect seen. Everyone gets to do a few, but nothing like this.”

Some supporters try to Cruz in a letter to a heart under the belt to sting. “I know that you now have a now good friend could use. Keep it up”, quotes the newspaper from the letter of an eighteen-year-old from New York. Cruz gets according to his lawyer, not all the post under eyes. “We’re going to give him any fan mail to read aloud or share photos of scantily clad teenage girls,” said Finkelstein.

The authorities arrested Cruz after the bloody shooting at the high school. He would be seventeen people have been shot. Sympathizers to organize themselves, according to the newspaper, also on Facebook, for example, because they find that Cruz is a victim of society and a fair trial deserves.

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