Son, Monique van de Ven had gladly punished want to be after drugsincident

The son of Monique van de Ven, Edwin de Vries had expected “spanking” to get after it in 2015 with too many drugs in an abusive was in a café in Blaricum. “That spanking had I wished.”

“You want to be punished, to do penance,” says the now 24-year-old Sam de Vries in a dubbelinterview with his father, Edwin de Vries in the Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant about their play, the Westerbork Serenade to talk. “Instead, I was publicly pilloried.”

Not only Sam de Vries was by the use of the drug lost its way, also a friend of his had herself in hand, and smote the furniture in the house of his parents short and small. In the first instance, reported the acteurskoppel that their villa was destroyed by an unknown, later they brought out that it is to be a friend of their son.


“That boy was in a psychosis hit and had to try everything to burn in the fireplace,” explains Edwin de Vries in the newspaper. “A nightmare.”

“It was the first time that we have that stuff tried, in a much too high dose. Dad and mom were on a trip,” said Sam de Vries. “The media storm after that made on me the greatest impression. I had never been in the spotlight stood, and now we were under fire.”

However, the incident the family closer together. “All of a sudden, it was us three against the world.”


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