SBS Belgium is on track

c774a193ff4f068fcc32ff818907c3a6 - SBS Belgium is on track

The SBS stations in march, together 19,9 per cent in the commercial target group, and thus is a sigh away from the intended twenty percent which the management board a while ago,. Compared to a year ago is the zendergroep again with a thick half percentage points. Topdokters throws high eyes and is working on a strong, fifth season. After seven episodes, it takes the program an average market share of 25.3% on the commercial target group and 703.515 viewers. Also Hotel Römantiek know to re-confirm with its second season and gets after seven episodes 19.2% market share on VVA 18-54 and 461.496 viewers. The brand new drama series Ghent West is doing so far is excellent, and at an average of 491.486 viewers in the taste, good for an average market share of 22.6% on VVA 18-54.

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