Roda-investor Korotaev put in the right

b5ff0badc24fae4d0187199e43ca8174 - Roda-investor Korotaev put in the right

Roda JC has good news about Aleksei Korotaev. The Swiss-Russian banker is in his case against Helin International put in the right.

Aleksei Korotaev

Korotaev sued the finance company because of a falsehood in scripture. The court in Dubai eight proved that the signature of the investor of Roda JC has indeed been falsified. The two persons of the Helin International have a year of the cell, and will the country be thrown out.

Korotaev was almost a year in Dubai, after Helin International a case against him filed for the writing of an uncovered cheque. Meanwhile his imprisonment converted into a fine of 3500 euro, but who refuses Korotaev to pay. The banker filed an appeal with the civil court and is therefore at this moment not yet formally acquitted.

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